Tuesday, March 6, 2007


from this...
to this...

Like, OMG, Motherfucker, like totally, hold my luggage for me, like WHOA, like Beverly Hills, Bitch, like YA!
That's Rock N Roll right there. Hell Yeah!!! (end sarcasm)

So what the hell is this?
This is just complete effin insanity! Isn't this the same bimbo that ragged on poptarts, n girly girls, n what not? The same bimbo who raged on just about EVERYTHING she has become lately? Honestly, Im just guessing everything she said in the past was consequent of self-hatred. We're glad Avril's comfortable being like everyone else now.
This video seems like something some upstart kid did for the Disney channel.
If this bitch isn't a "prep", then I don't know who the hell is(and I'm serious, her voice is the most preppy of voices I've heard in a LONG time.)

Canada should just leave punk alone.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Granny Apple Gwen...

WHOA! Gwen's age is really showing. The last two pics are from the Vanity Fair Oscar gathering.Everyone seems to think she looks so young. Am I the only sane person alive?! I think she looks way older than she is. Shes not even 40 yet, and she at least looks to be about 45. WTF?? The dress didn't make matters any better either. Her face looks a bit frozen. Apparently the surgery was a bit botched. Gain 5-10 pounds Gwen, and you'll look a bit younger. She's a lot cuter when she's photoshopped or has a lot more warpaint on and tries to do her lips, well, a lot fuller. HURRY AND GET BACK TO NO DOUBT!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

And the Oscar goes to...

A slimmer looking Jennifer Hudson, just won an Oscar!!! I was actually shocked that they gave it to her.

Did she deserve it??? Was it simply just handed to her???

Your thoughts...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Can an emo cheer?

Question from

"yep well ne ways naa im jk. but wad up 2 all u cracker jacks?? okay is it weird 4 an emo kid 2 be a cheerleader personal question so give me your true opinion ."

IMO, It is absolutely NOT weird at all. This new wave of "emo" is pretty much the little brother of prep. Emo IS prep. Do you get it?

Why do I say this? Preps are usually called this because they are generally socially acceptable, maybe come from families with decent money, and have somewhat socially acceptable appearances, etc. I'm really pressed for time here, so I can't elaborate, but there's my answer to your question, doll.

You guys are one in the same. You're trendy, like preps, care for perfect hair, like preps, etc.

To sum it up, you ARE a prep- just a different kind.

Follow your dreams.

Leave your comments.

Shut up J.C Penny!!!

OK, so I was watching eXtra in the wee hours, and I see Mr. Chasez commenting on this whole "Britney's fuckin' insane" matter. Not too long ago, he was talking about Justin's relationship with Cameron:

(she's fug). I mean, he didn't really tell us anything that hasn't already been said! I smell a fuckin' rat. Maybe he has a new album he's gettin' ready to drop, or something??? If you're gonna have to promote yourself by doing some five second interview that has something to do with someone else, whatever you're about to release must really fuckin' suck.
So, Publicity stunts or not, people?!

Does anyone else around here think scarlette looks like a little slut( I mean, I think shes great, but still...)? The big boobs definitely don't help..

Britney Spears Shaves Her Head

Why? Because shes an attention whore. Seriously, Brit Brit's looking more and more like an adolescent as the weeks roll by. A middle-class little girl grows up sheltered, with everything in the world given to her for basically her whole life, and she can't appreciate that? So what does she do? She tries as hard as she can to rebel, like any stupid teenager would do just for the hell of it, just for more attention to be given to her on a whole 'nother level. It is rumored that she had it cut due to K-Mart threatening to have her hair tested for drugs. Hmmm...

I don't know about you guys, but I'd give anything to have my ass wiped for me my whole life.
Give me you opinions on this situation.
Check back often. My blog will only get better and better. I love reading how the masses feel about certain matters and celebrities, so show me some love, punks!
With ears like that, I would NEVER allow myself to shave my head!!!