Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Can an emo cheer?

Question from

"yep well ne ways naa im jk. but wad up 2 all u cracker jacks?? okay is it weird 4 an emo kid 2 be a cheerleader personal question so give me your true opinion ."

IMO, It is absolutely NOT weird at all. This new wave of "emo" is pretty much the little brother of prep. Emo IS prep. Do you get it?

Why do I say this? Preps are usually called this because they are generally socially acceptable, maybe come from families with decent money, and have somewhat socially acceptable appearances, etc. I'm really pressed for time here, so I can't elaborate, but there's my answer to your question, doll.

You guys are one in the same. You're trendy, like preps, care for perfect hair, like preps, etc.

To sum it up, you ARE a prep- just a different kind.

Follow your dreams.

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Kit-Kat said...

I agree with most of what you say but emo is not prep. If it were they would be called the same thing. I am neither of these I am just myself whoever that may be. I think you have agreat site going here and I for one will continue to visit.

~Queen:~: of:~: Kha0s~ said...

When I say they are, I just mean, basically. Thanks hun.
Try to get others to visit.
I think this site should be for advice and celebs. Im not completely sure though. Whatever it may be, will definitley involve getting peoples feedback, because I definitely love to see where people are coming from.
Thanks A LOT!!!
Come back soon!