Tuesday, March 6, 2007


from this...
to this...

Like, OMG, Motherfucker, like totally, hold my luggage for me, like WHOA, like Beverly Hills, Bitch, like YA!
That's Rock N Roll right there. Hell Yeah!!! (end sarcasm)

So what the hell is this?
This is just complete effin insanity! Isn't this the same bimbo that ragged on poptarts, n girly girls, n what not? The same bimbo who raged on just about EVERYTHING she has become lately? Honestly, Im just guessing everything she said in the past was consequent of self-hatred. We're glad Avril's comfortable being like everyone else now.
This video seems like something some upstart kid did for the Disney channel.
If this bitch isn't a "prep", then I don't know who the hell is(and I'm serious, her voice is the most preppy of voices I've heard in a LONG time.)

Canada should just leave punk alone.


Avril Sucks said...

Hell Yeah!!!
Avril sold out a long ass time ago.
Kick ass site, BTW. Keep it up, dude!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I cannot see the pictures

Anonymous said...

avril is not canadian punk... she's a plain old pop tart up here...